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Thread: HCG and Appetite Suppressant

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    HCG and Appetite Suppressant

    This will probably spark a lot of people, but I'm going to put it out there because I have been on this forum for awhile a still want to feel I have support even though I am WAY off of protocol and although I KNOW the vets would not agree with my choices in this case, it works for me.

    I started taking OxyElite Pro awhile ago, an appetite suppressant and when I first started it, I was still finishing the last bit of my HCG injections because I couldn't just throw out the HCG and waste the money when it was already mixed. Low and behold, I started losing and wasn't focusing TOO dramatically on my diet, just eating healthily. I lost about 5 lbs in that time (can't remember how many injections I did, maybe a week or so) and knew the HCG probably had something to do with that but I ran out of injection supplies so I knew I needed to let it out of my system to I postponed ordering new supplies for awhile to see what the oxy would do on it's own. Well, I am stable, even with some not so good days (I am also dealing with Binge Eating Disorder) but not losing.

    So I ordered so injection supplies and just started another round of HCG. I am optimistic and looking forward to knowing I can do this because I could just NEVER get the hunger under control with the HCG alone with trying to adjust dose for months.

    Perhaps for some people, HCG just can't control the hunger alone. But for me, adding the appetite suppressant makes me feel like everyone else says they feel with the HCG alone. I feel SO full from the small amount of food allowed (even if I am rogue on the protocol) and this was NEVER the case before. I am happy..

    Okay... Attacks-GO! Lol.

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    The problem with continuing on with an appetite suppressant is that if you have hunger, the hcg isn't working. So you might as well quit the hcg. Just doing a starvation diet when the hcg isn't working is going to mess up your metabolism even more. so that's really a big concern. Just FYI.

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    Well, this might seem crazy, but I've considered taking hCG just for whatever hormonal support it gives me, even if I didn't lose any weight on it.
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    I'm not doing VLCD diet either on the HCG. I am doing a normal diet near 1200 cal a day. I just noticed the combination for me works to actually allow me to lose the weight. I'm not in starvation.

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    Why even do the Hcg then, seriously? You're losing, and it's not because of the Hcg, so why put it in your body?

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    that's my question, too. if you're eating 1200 calories and you're losing, i don't think there is any reason to add the hcg. it's still a hormone, so it can screw up your cycle.
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    I wasn't losing without it. At this point, I am on Mirena and don't have a period at all anymore, so no cycle to screw up really. If it comes down to not losing with the HCG then I won't continue BUT when I stopped using the HCG, I also stopped losing. So that's why I'm going back on the HCG

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    I use an appetite suppressant. However, it's all psychological. While I am not physically hungry, mentally I am starving. I have found- even though I know I'm not really hungry- that taking an appetite suppressant (it's a homeopathic drop one) mentally psychs me out- and is enough to make me think I'm not hungry and move on with my life. =) I do agree if you are physically hungry (tummy growling etc..) then you are not getting the proper hCG dosage. Whatever works for you though is good =)
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    According to that recent article about hCG that featured Dr. OZ:

    That article recommended hCG with a 1200 calorie diet. Dr. OZ said he could never recommend going lower without Dr.'s supervision. So what you are doing seems perfectly OK, especially as you feel you won't lose without it. Though to me 1200 calories is 1200 calories with or without it. If it was me I would experiment with it while taking the usual frequent breaks.

    It is such a low, low dosage and apparently the side effects are pretty much zero at that level.

    Dr. S said combining with high calorie diet was worthless--he said hcg does nothing then. ( I read a letter he wrote responding to a negative research study that upped the calories.)

    I think it does do something-- appetite suppressant and possibly a mood enhancer. I read a study where participants had improved moods over people taking placebo.

    As for as getting blasted--I would try about anything to help me lose weight as long as it won't kill me and isn't too crazy.
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